Saturday, August 7, 2010

Day 48: Latham, NY to Brattleboro, VT - 79 miles with 5,050' of climbing

Todays ride was gorgeous. It had challenging climbs, rolling green tree covered hills, beautiful buildings, tailwinds, cool temperatures, and scenic overlooks. We are in Ben And Jerry's Country now and everyone seems to take pride in their surroundings.
We rode through the historic towns of Old Bennington, Wilmington, and on into Brattleboro. One of our riders, Rod from NH, had several daughters visit with a bunch of fresh baked cookies and muffins for us.
The climbs are getting so much easier now that we have over 3,400 miles and almost 100,000' of climbing behind us. We seem to have so many more gears "available" now when we crest a hill. If only this level could be maintained.
As good as today was I am really looking forward to getting back home and seeing my better half, Belle. Seven weeks of riding is a long time.
Just 2 days left to go.

Roadkills: 420
Flats: 4
Wheels: Replaced the rear due to a cracks in the rim
Hurts: Very fortunate, all is good.

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