Monday, August 2, 2010

Day 42: Brantford, ONT to Niagara Falls, NY - 72 miles with 1,400' of climbing

Tom and I started the day by riding a few miles off route to have breakfast at the America by Bike designated Best Western. As it turned out we were the only 2 riders that took the time to enjoy an excellent breakfast buffet with a great variety of fruit, omelets, pastries, cereal, sausage, bacon, french toast and pancakes.

Following breakfast we got back on the route at about 8:00 to start the 72 mile ride back to the states. Once we were within 25 miles of the Niagara Falls the horizon was filled with high tension electrical lines which I assume were fed from hydroelectric power from the falls. The route took us through few towns but the rolling shady hills made for an interesting ride before directing us to Niagara Falls and the border crossing back into the states where we were directed to "act" like a car to avoid the turnstyles that the pedestrians have to go through.

The area by the falls on both sides of the border was loaded with people, tacky souvenir shops, T-shirt shops, and over priced carnival food stands. I was going to say "Only in America" but the Canadian side wasn't any less tacky. Oh well the falls were impressive.

Roadkills: 384
Flats: 4
Hurts: All is good

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