Saturday, July 31, 2010

Day 41: London, ONT. to Brantford, ONT. - 69 miles with 1,250' of climbing

Today many of the riders chose to wear the "Canadian" jerseys they bought at a local bike shop as we started out under cool temps and overcast skies. The traffic on today's route was very light so it was a relaxing ride through the Ontario countrside past fields of corn, tobacco, ginseng, soybean and rolling horse pastures. We rode through the small towns of Springford, Otterville, Oakland, Mt. Pleasant and the struggling to stay viable town of Brantford.

After putting 55 miles behind us many of us stopped for lunch in Mt. Pleasant just before a light rain began. The rain stopped shortly after it began and the remaining 10 miles into Brantford was on dry roads.

Roadkills: 379
Flats: 4
Hurts: All's good

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