Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Day 31: Mankato, MN to Rochester, MN - 103 miles with 2,400' of climbing

We left Mankato under clear skies with our bellies full from a great breakfast at the hotel. Just outside of town we had a close call when someone towing a trailer in the oncoming lanes started to fishtail, lost control and crossed over our lane in front of me and careened down the embankment to the right of me. Luckily the trailer stayed attached to the car and all the other drivers were able to skid to a stop without hitting each other or any of us.

As we move further east the farmland is more rolling which makes for a more interesting ride. We had lunch in West Concord where we met a vet named Aaron Wilson who was pedaling around town on a hand crank bike that allows him to pedal from a lay-down position. He said he is training for next year's Paralympics

The next 30 miles of the ride were on bumpy roads that passed many pig farms and then the final 5 miles were on a bike path that brought us into Rochester and the hotel.

Roadkill tally: 300
(Although frogs are not included in the roadkill stats we did ride over what I would consider the "Frog Highway of Death" where you could count dozens of flattened frogs from any place in the road.
Flats: 3
Hurts: Sore hands but they will be fine by morning.

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