Monday, July 19, 2010

Day 29: Sioux Falls, SD to Worthington, MN - 70 miles with only 1,300' of climbing

Today's ride started in a light rain as we wrapped our way through busy Sioux Falls along a bike path along side the Sioux River. As the sky darkened and the rain increased we put on our helmet covers, rain jacket, pants and booties. Just short of the Minnesota state line, Tom had a front tire flat. I had the distinction of getting the last flat in South Dakota and the first one in Minnesota due to a failing rim strip on the back wheel that allowed the tube to blowout through one of the spoke nipple holes in the rim. Jim, the mechanic, replaced the rim strip to get me back on the road. After 30 miles or so, the rain stopped and the skies cleared making the rest of the ride very enjoyable as we passed through small towns named Brandon, Manley, Beaver Creek, Luverne, Magnolia, Adrian and finally Worthington. The ride took us by a wind farm and many areas of beautifully maintained farms, buildings, lawns and parks.

Roadkills: 274
Flats: 3
Hurts: None

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