Friday, July 16, 2010

Day 26: Chamberlain, SD to Mitchell, SD - 70 miles with only 1000' of climbing

Today we rode through 70 more miles of corn, soybean, and wheat fields. The low mileage today allowed us the freedom to take our time and explore the small town of Plankinton, SD. It seems everyone we meet along the way is eager to talk to us. We stopped in town and met a man named Marv who asked us where we were riding to. He told us he used to be the football coach at the local high school, he invited us back for their annual Pheasant Fest in August and told us that last winter they had over 4' of snow. We also met a man who had a large lot and buildings full of architectural antiques, scrap wood, cast iron farm inplement parts and assorted junk. When he asked us where we were headed to and we told him eventually New Hampshire he said "You probably won't make it there by tonight." Once in Mitchell we visited the World Famous Corn Palace, no kidding.

Roadkill stats: 224
Flats: Still 1
Hurts: Sore quads.

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