Sunday, July 18, 2010

Day 27: Mitchell, SD to Sioux Falls, SD - 72 miles with very little climbing

Last night we attended a rodeo in Mitchell. It had all the hoopla you would expect from a small town in South Dakota. There were bareback bronco contestants from various states hoping they were just an 8 second ride away from fame. Along the fence there were also many young cowboys and cowgirls in their favorite cowboy outfits cheering on their heroes

Today we rode another 72 miles on roads that wrapped through huge corporate farms of thousands of acres. The heat and humidity was very high making it a day that was tougher than we had expected. We are starting to pass through a few more towns now so at least there is an occasional store every 30 miles or so to get out of the heat and get something cold to drink.

Disclaimer: The roadkill stats are not some weird fascination with death it's just something to pass the time as we ride past mile after mile of seemingly identical farmland. That said.....

The previous daily roadkill count of 27 was shattered today with a count of 42 (Mostly raccoons and skunks who I think may be throwing themselves in the path of passing cars to escape the sweltering heat.)

Roadkills: 266
Flats: 1
Hurts: All is good

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