Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Day 17: Dubois, WY to Riverton WY - 81 miles with 1250' of climbing

Started the day with a short ride west of town for a hearty breakfast at Chandlers Roadhouse where the Willy Nelson looking cook fed us pancakes, potatoes, eggs, bacon, sausage patties and links, fruit and juice. The walls of the place were adorned with stuffed caribou, elk, deer, cougar and of course jackalope.

Today's ride was rather quick and took us through painted desert, red rock vistas and the small town of Kinnear (population 44). We stopped at what looked like a yard sale only to find it was actually called Gary's Genuine Wyoming Trading Post. The yard was full of saddles, bridles and all kinds of leather, straps and hardware that only a real cowboy would know what to do with. Just then a couple of ladies pulled up in a fancy car and started looking through the tables of stuff. Gary, the owner, said now this isn't a Lord and Taylors or Gucci ya know? This a "genuine" Wyoming trading post. The ladies asked him just what made his place a "genuine" Wyoming trading post? Gary said: "Well just yesterday a couple of fellas stopped by and tied thier horses right over there where they pooped in the driveway, then a couple of dogs got in a big fight under these here tables and we had to break it up, then a drunken Indian stumbled over here and passed out on the lawn over there. That's what makes this a "genuine" Wyoming trading post. Any other questions?"

We took it easy for the remaining 20 miles and arrived into Riverton before 1:00 with plenty of time to do laundry, eat and rest for tomorrow's 120 mile ride into Casper, WY.

Roadkill tally is up to: 118 (Today we saw 2 deer, a red fox and squirrel.
Flats: 0
Hurts: Sore quads ( Will take it easy tomorrow)

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