Sunday, July 11, 2010

Day 21: Lusk, WY to Hot Springs, SD; 92 miles with 2,880' of climbing

Today's ride was through the grasslands of WY and SD. There were rolling hills on both sides of the road and they were no doubt the inspiration for the song, "Home, Home on the Range." We also saw miles train cars full of coal and butterflies all day long. Although the road kill count was only 17 the variety of wildlife was unmatched. We saw snakes, turtles, skunk, deer, porcupine and fox. We arrived in Hot Springs around 1:30 leaving us enough time to unload the gear truck, shower, stop at Dairy Queen and visit town before dinner at the local 12 lane bowling alley.

Roadkill count: 166
Flats: 1
Hurts: All is good

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