Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Day 16: Jackson, WY to Dubois, WY - 88 miles. 3800' of climbing

Left Jackson with temps in the mid 40's. Rode over 30 miles through Grand Teton National Park for some killer mountain scenery and saw a group of pronghorn antelope. (Some riders said they saw bison way off in the distance but I think it was actually a group of ground squirrels a hundred or so yards off.)

Our biggest climb was interupted by road construction which prevented us from riding over the Continental Divide. The construction crew loaded us on a flat bed trailer and shuttled us through the construction site. (Flatbed trailers of course come with no seatbelts or air bags) It was a thrilling 10 mile, open air ride over gravel, by big earth movers and through snow covered hillsides. Once through the construction zone we were dropped off and began the cold descent. At the bottom we stopped at the Lava Mountain Cafe for some chile and hot chocolate before starting the final 20 miles to Dubois into a headwind. We joined 3 other riders and formed a paceline where each rider rotated off the front every few minutes to make the ride in more bearable. It was a long, cold day and didn't get in until 4:45.

Roadkill: 114 (One coyote and one deer)
Flats: Still zip
Hurts: Sore leg muscles following a short rest but it fades within minutes after riding

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