Friday, June 18, 2010

Belle sews a cue sheet holder I will use on the ride to keep from getting lost

After years of planning and preparation, the start of the ride is only a few says away. Lord only knows what will unfold during the ride from Oregon to New Hampshire. Since January I have logged over 4300 miles on the bike and run over 300 miles in preparation for the ride. In trying to balance working, fundraising, keeping up the house chores and training please forgive me if I have been slow to respond to phone calls, emails and letters of encouragement. I know we all have busy lives. Your support is greatly appreciated! Regardless of what lies ahead in the next 7 weeks it is nice to know that so many people have taken time out of their busy lives to send kind words and even donate to World Vision. Through the last 6 months no one has been more supportive than my girlfriend Belle. Whether we're training together, fundraising, snowboarding with Outdoors for All, cooking, splitting firewood, working on the computer, walking her dogs, going to church or even sewing a map holder for my bike she has been off the charts supportive. Her support in helping me "keep the plates spinning" has been invaluable. Although during the ride we will still be able to talk on the phone each day I know I will miss her dearly in the weeks to come.

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