Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Day 10: Boise, Idaho to Mountain Home, ID - 51 miles, Climbing 1,400'

The strong scent of skunk was in the air as we started the ride around 8:30 (a late start but I am on vacation you know) on a bike path not too far from the hotel. After that we were back on the Interstate for 7 miles or so where I tried to shoot a video from the flightdeck of my bike at around 25 mph as 18 wheelers flew by. Most of the ride was through desert sagebrush with very few hills and a massive tailwind. We arrived in Mountain Home prior to 11:30 and had all the gear unloaded before noon. A nice easy day of riding so we should be fresh for tomorrow's 97 mile ride.

Roadkill tally: 74
Flats: 0
Hurts: Life is good

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